Why Should I Create Content for Search and Social?

There are many benefits to creating daily content for both social and SEO value. Major changes in how we use the web are in favour of the production of daily content; simply Like or Follow a brand on Facebook or Twitter to see. These social media updates are increasingly being used within search results, too.

For a start targeting organic search alongside your Pay-Per-Click campaigns is proven to work, with studies showing that appearing twice on the same page in search results can increase click through rates by 20%. Searchers see the organic and paid-for listings together and make the correct assumption that that website is more relevant to their search requirements than others.

Google’s Universal Search is opening up previously hidden (or at least hard to find) sections of the web to new users. By allowing users to search by hour, day and week, as well as making it easier to search specifically on things like blogs, social media, video and news, Google is inviting websites to update their content more regularly and offer users something new.

What is it that search engines want?

Common SEO practises such as buying inbound links can be easily achieved naturally via daily content production for social and search. Regularly updated content is increasingly what Google and other search engines want.

Google crawlers give weight to website news sections that are updated continually, with listing in Google News highly likely for those that meet the relevant content and technical criteria. Inclusion in Google News brings with it increased traffic, social media exposure and great branding opportunities, too.

Social Media Benefits of Publishing Daily Content

The life blood of social media is daily content. Log on to brand pages on Facebook and follow successful companies on Twitter and you’ll see that they all have one thing in common; good, engaging content. Content is King on social media websites. IAB research published in 2010 shows that 1 in 2 users on Facebook and Youtube think that it’s a good idea for brands to have their own pages and users who visit brand pages looking for product information are 50% more likely to share information with friends & family.

Little wonder then that the IAB recommendation for success with social media is to create content that gives consumers prestige. Add to this the fact that search engines are increasingly incorporating Facebook Likes, Tweets and Google+ counts to their search algorithms and it’s easy to see why social media is becoming increasingly important.

SEO Benefits of Publishing Daily Content

Not only will daily content enhance the look and feel of your website, giving visitors something worthwhile to read, but regular content published to site is a sure fire way to gain Google love.

Why? At a very basic level simply growing the number of indexable keyword relevant pages on your website will increase the frequency search engine spiders visit your site. Make this content relevant, informative and engaging to your customer base and daily content updates inevitably lead to more inbound links, too:  blogs, relevant websites and social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all love linking to good, engaging content.

Not only does this bring more visitors to your website, it also brings with it increased SEO value too.

Social Media or Search the answer is still the same: consumers are looking for quality content that can aid their sales research, inform their decision making and fill them with confidence when they make an online purchase.

Please Note: For any SEO benefit all of the content you create needs to be 100% unique. Publishing content that has appeared on other website before will not aid your overall SEO.