What is blogger outreach and how will it help your website?

Bed time …. bloggers are a valuable commodity for content marketing, PR and SEO success

Learn why everyone from politicians to PRs, brands to business people, are so keen to get into bed with bloggers these days.

If you work in online marketing, social media, SEO or PR, then you cannot have failed to notice how powerful bloggers have become. While they were once thought of as weird recluses, tapping away pouring out their thoughts in random messages on their web logs; today bloggers are courted by brands, businesses and politicians like never before.

Blogs and their bloggers are increasingly important because they voice an opinion; an opinion that they share with their thousands (sometimes millions) of followers via social media. The reach of a good blogger can far outweigh their initial readership.

Many bloggers, operating in diverse areas have a significant influence. They often influence the influencers. This makes them an interesting commodity for brands.

Add to this the fact that many bloggers own and operate websites that are viewed by Google as authoritative and trustworthy  with great page rank and link profiles, and from a purely search engine optimisation perspective blogs are very important. Which is why for anyone working in search engine optimisation a great network of bloggers that you can call upon to create and publish content on your behalf is key. В Their influence also makes them popular with PRs too.

So what exactly is blogger outreach?

As the name essentially suggests blogger outreach is the process by which you reach outto bloggers. You can do blogger outreach yourself, if you are a blogger, for your small business website or, as is increasingly the case with major brands, via an SEO agency.

Blogger outreach involves contacting individual bloggers and asking them if they are interested in either hosting some content that is create exclusively for them (also known as guest posting); or the blogger themselves writing some content and mentioning or linking to the website or brand that you require. There are variations on the theme, but essentially this is what blogger outreach involves. It is the hard won process of building online contacts and nurturing relationships.

At its core blogger outreach involves building relationships, ideally for mutual gain. For example, guest posts and/or giving individual bloggers some exclusive content, such as a video, infographic or exclusive research or access to an exclusive event, is a great way to build your blogger outreach platform.

Getting started with your blogger outreach plans?

So now you know what blogger outreach is, how do you go about getting started? A blogger outreach strategy is a long term way of gaining amplification and influence. To maximise results you should therefore look to associate your brand or business to find topic-specific influencers who are trusted by your target audience.

Criteria to look at when deciding on bloggers to target include seoRank, mozDomain Strength, Weekly Post Frequency, Average Comments Per Post, Twitter Followers, Facebook Likes.

Help with Blogger Outreach and Guest Post Strategy

Recent search engine changes mean that there are no short-cuts in building your backlink profile online anymore: the only way to increase your web presence and boost your search rankings is through natural content production and natural blogger relationship building.