Market your health clinic with SEO

Market your dental clinic with SEO

Dental professionals and dentists often do not always think about marketing. Why should they? They attended school and university to do dentistry and run a practice.

However, running a practice and ensuring it is successful in the new digital age involves a new marketing strategy.

When an online customer base is searching for local dentists, in order for them to choose you, you need to be visible.

For example, if a potential customer googles ‘dental implants in Southampton’ and you’re not there but provide this service, then you are missing out on customers.


What is your competitor doing?

Competitors of yours might already be benefiting from the exposure that SEO can bring to their practice.

This will undoubtedly attract more locals to their clinics simply because they have been searched for. And they appeared.

Even if you are a better practice, you would have missed out on business because you are not discoverable.

How do I create an SEO strategy

Basic principles of search engine optimisation are easy enough. But these will only award you so many points.

In order to fully beat your competitors a strong strategy is needed to only make sure you are visible, but to make sure the customer chooses you.

Your SEO strategy should be in line with a marketing strategy. Ask yourself: does your website encourage action? Does it make people want to buy?

Understanding the processes that customers think about before acting is essential. You may rank first on Google, but does your website encourage people to call and book? Things like buttons and telephone number placements sitewide are essential. More.

If this seems too much for you to carry out, why not hire a professional? Be sure to hire someone who recognises the importance in content and language – because this is what Google looks for.