How to design for the web

Hire a design agency to create your website

The purpose of design is to facilitate communication between user and content.

Designing for the web means designing sympathetically with the way people actually use the web, not how we think they should.

People approach web pages in very different ways to how we design them. Find out how you can engage readers.

How do people read a web page?

  • They skim pages for clues, instead of reading
  • They make snap decisions, instead of evaluating and judging carefully
  • They might not even be looking at the complete picture
  • They are driven by their goals, not ours

See our tips and tricks here.

Web designers need special skills to succeed

  • A designer must gain the best possible insight into our users’ goals, so that we can help achieve them
  • You should get clear on their design’s purpose, and have the mental discipline to stick to it
  • Your designer must pursue simplicity ruthlessly – if an element adds complexity but not value, it must be changed

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It will be almost impossible to design your website by yourself if you have very little or next to no experience. Make it easier for yourself and hire a web designer to take over for you.

A web designer should be creative, yet technical as this will allow them to build great looking websites that work properly. When looking for an agency, ask them about their previous clients and work and asses from there if they are truly capable of what you want.

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To start learning ways of designing for real users, we can gain insights into what the brain is good at. This provides a useful foundation for developing and evaluating design techniques.

Fortunately, the mass experience of digital design is at our disposal, and provides us with patterns and conventions that are proven to work. See advice on choosing a web designer.

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